Los Kioscos

Pescado a la plancha

In Ecuador los kioscos are small, open-air restaurants, which serve traditional Ecuadorian food. In Puerto Ayora, los kioscos refers to a specific street with a concentration of these types of restaurants. As you walk down this street, the smell of chicken, beef and fish being grilled on an open fire waft through the air. Servi Sambroson is my favorite place to get a good, hearty, decent-priced meal on Santa Cruz Island. It is always overflowing with people. When my friends say we are meeting at los kioscos, they mean Servi Sambroson. My friend’s aunt and uncle have been running this restaurant for years. My favorite meal there is pescado a la plancha con minestra, patacones, una ensalada y una botella de agua sin gas (grilled fish with rice and beans, fried mashed green plantains, a salad and a bottle of uncarbonated water). All of this for just $5.50.



One response to “Los Kioscos

  1. Hi Milena,

    I love the photos in your blog and the food on the images in this post looks very delicious. We have recently published a brief overview over traditional Ecuadorian food which might be interesting for you: http://blog.ailolaquito.com/2016/01/22/the-complete-guide-to-ecuadorian-food/

    All the best,


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