My Roommate

my roommate

The other morning, I woke up and saw my roommate clinging to the upper right hand corner of my white bedroom wall. There are usually at least a few geckos residing in most Galapagos homes. Their tiny toe pads allow them to scale any slightly rough surface. Geckos are harmless and eat insects. They are also quiet and steadfast. A number of times I have left a room with a gecko anchored to the wall, only to return hours later with him still positioned in the exact same place.

Geckos are lizards belonging to the Gekkonidae family and are found in warm climates. In Galapagos, there are six endemic species (species found only in Galapagos) and three introduced species. I am quite certain that my roommate is a Phyllodactylus reissi, an Ecuadorian native gecko species introduced to Galapagos. He or his ancestors probably hitched a ride on a freight ship delivering goods from the Ecuadorian port city of Guayaquil. Harmless, quiet and insect-eating, my roommate could not be better.

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One response to “My Roommate

  1. Hello Milena, I love your little roommate! I grew up with them in Bombay, and I loved their quiet presence. I think it is supposed to be good luck if one falls on your head (or is it bad luck? I’ll have to ask my mom)

    By the way, VERY small world – we met your friends Jaime and Darcie yesterday at a “tequila tasting event” at the Institute of Americas on the UCSD campus. Miss you lots, much love.

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