Thank you for visiting my blog. I arrived in Galapagos in July 2006 and started writing about my experiences living there and working with the community. In July 2007, I became involved in a project in Manabi, a province on Ecuador’s central coast, where I spent one year. Though I am now living in Switzerland, I remain in close contact with my Galapagos colleagues and plan to continue writing about my Latin American experiences. Photography is my favorite way to convey how I see a place. I hope you enjoy my photojournal.


16 responses to “About

  1. But who is Milena?? Can’t we see the person behind this excellent adventure!

  2. Yes! What about Milena’s beautiful eyes in addition to this gorgeous squid! As your friend Milena, I suggest you put a face to this fascinating site. . . .Jackie

  3. I vote for the photo reflection image, very cool!

  4. Jayshree and Steve

    Milena, I’ve been reading your blogs and viewing the lovely photos for about a month now…they are excellent! Thanks for sharing your unique adventures, and we hope to see you soon,

    Love, Jayshree and Steve

  5. A S Aiyar and Padmini Aiyar

    Dear Milena,
    Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences with us .Jayshree forwarded your blog to us .Beautiful pictures Wish I cld be with you there Continue to have a wonderful and educative stay Love Padmini

  6. Michele Stevens

    Way cool blog spot Milena! Thanks for the bday email. I plan on celebrating with a weekend of no rehearsals! Great photos, by the way. I live vicariously through you! Love, Michele

  7. You’re so smart to be documenting things while you’re there… I think back to my hazy memories of life in the Peace Corps, and wish I’d created something like this for myself!

    Plus, it’s great for us to be able to check in with you now and then and share your adventures!!

    Stay in touch!

  8. Hi there,

    Are there internet cafe’s in Galapgos ?
    Have son out there not heard from him since august 4th


  9. Hi Milena,
    It is Gary’s neice Jen. My sister sent me this blog. It is awsome. I have enjoyed reading it. I think of you often and I am so happy so see you are doing well. I would love to talk to you. We are fine. We live in MA and have 3 children (2 girls and a boy) I don’t know if this is a good way to contact you but figured it is worth a try.

  10. Hello Milena
    I received your info from Kris Avram and have heard many things of you adventures in Ecuador.
    I will be coming down to Quito for the months of February & March and would love to chat with you about recommended schools for spanish lessons and other such things.
    You can email me at: lenolamitchell@yahoo.com

  11. Hola Maria Elena,

    Tu último artículo es grande! -sw

  12. Milena,

    I had a chance to read through several of your entries… I want you to know that you have always been, and will continue to be, truly inspirational. Gracias por sus blogs interesantes y fotos asombrosas!

    – Rowena

  13. Wow… this is an awesome thing you’ve got going on… it is so interesting to read more in depth about some of the things I saw while living in Ecuador and Brazil (the cashew “tree”) for about 2 years. Very neat… thanks!

  14. hi milena,
    i wish you will keep writing this blog! your photos are exquisite.
    i am always referring friends and people who want to know about tagua to your blog.
    best sonya

    • Dear Sonya,Thanks so much for your message. I still have quite a few photos from my Galapagos and mainland Ecuador period. Your email gives me incentive to continue posting on this blog. The text was always quite time consuming, but I will consider just posting my photos with brief descriptions. In the meantime, I have moved to Switzerland and am posting photos of my surroundings on: milenadesigndepth.wordpress.comBest wishes,Milena

  15. Hi Milena: it’s really nice to find all these beautifull things about Ecuador mu home country, I’m in Colorado I would like to send you some an email, I would apreciate your response

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