Behind the Eyes

I took this photo of the giant squid eyes while visiting the artisanal fishing port of Talara, Peru in March 2006. The Humboldt Squid (Dosidicus gigas), known in Peru as “Pota,” grows up to seven feet and is sold for human consumption in the form of squid steaks, flour and nutritional powder. The world’s largest invertebrate, growing up to sixty feet, is the giant squid Architeuthis dux.

A few words about eating giant squid from the California Department of Fish and Game:

If taken care of on the boat and cleaned well at the dock, jumbo squid are great table fare. After removing the viscera, use a knife to remove the yellow inner membrane on the mantle. The angler must also peel off the thick outer membrane as well. Some people pound their squid steaks to tenderize them, and soak them in milk or a treatment of their choice to remove some of the uric acid and other metabolites that can occur in the flesh. Pat dry and cook as desired.

Recently, a friend told me that tenderizing a squid steak is best done by cross-scoring it before cooking. This also prevents the squid steaks from curling.

It was quite impressive to see the fishermen of Talara unload their catch and process it.


Watch the video of a giant squid being caught off the coast of Japan.

Interesting articles related to giant squid:

27 April 2008, Squid Thaw Set for a Fresh Start, BBC


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