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Based in Bregaglia (please click on this link)

After spending the past two and a half years in South America, I recently returned to Switzerland. My parents are Swiss and my Mom was born and raised in the Bregaglia Valley. Over the years, I have accumulated many wonderful memories of visiting friends and family and running and rolling down the bright green sweet-smelling grassy slopes of this beautiful valley. I look forward to both new and familiar experiences in Bregaglia and its surrounding regions.

Though I am now living in Switzerland, I remain in close contact with my Galapagos colleagues and plan to continue writing about my Latin American experiences. Photography is my favorite way to convey how I see a place. I hope you enjoy my photojournals.


One response to “My Other Blog

  1. Hallo Milena
    Bin per Zufall (fast!) auf dein Bergellerartikel gestossen. Schön deine Sicht der Dinge. Bin gespannt auf weitere Artikel.

    Gruss Peter aus Coltura

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